Searching for Publishers

I’ve begun to spend time with my Writer’s Market as I search for publishers for my manuscripts. I buy a new Writer’s Market each year and the format changes slightly with each new purchase. I am still reading the articles in the book and making myself aware of any changes in this year’s edition.

One of my sons suggested I use a google calendar to map out my plans for the week. I tried that and found my brain more used to navigate the calendar than to figure out my weekly plans. I’m going to go old-school and write down what I do each day in this blog as it relates to my writing life.

I have spent some time this past week watching James Patterson’s online writing class. He does give some good tips for writers. I will use some of them to improve things I have already written. His course also includes helpful “exercises” to do to practice each thing each lesson teaches. I had been doing those exercises, but find it’s not exactly helpful for me at this stage in my writing life. If I have some part he covers in a lesson that could use rewriting, I will watch that video again and then work on the already written thing instead of writing something new to practice with.

So far today, May 21, I have written three blogs. I awoke with the memories in my head that I wrote about in my blog “Proud of Every Wrinkle”. Then I wrote down the experience Joy had with the rabbit in my “Ms. Playful” blog. When I read that again, it will carry me back mentally to that delightful moment when I watched my dog in sheer enjoyment chase a rabbit she could not catch, although the rabbit stopped and hopped around for a bit enticing her. And then I came to this blog. My last entry was about needing to market and edit rather than needing to write anything new. That will be my focus for the coming week. As I record it here, we’ll see how much I truly work on this new “career”.


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