Day One of Writing Schedule

Outside with my dog this morning, the first four lines of a poem about animals popped into my head. They’re now written down and in my poems file . . . hopefully the poem will finish itself today.

Later:    Didn’t finish that poem but it may be finished, although it’s only four lines. I let my writing get “cold” for a couple weeks and then come back to see what I think of it after I haven’t seen it for awhile. I’ll do that with this poem. It’s titled Animals, but would need a stronger title. For now, that is ok.

I did find two magazines that might publish some of my poetry. I also found a book publisher that might be interested in my blind man book. I looked in the Writers Market. I want to go to the websites for those three places and check out their requirements and be sure what I have in mind is appropriate for their publications. The biggest problem is the book pays 7.5% royalty, but has no advance. One writing course I took taught me to get the biggest advance I could get . . . they will subtract your advance from your royalties, but it’s possible your royalties won’t even equal your advance . . . so that teacher told us. I want to look for more book publishers, but I may approach this one just to see what they say . . . The blindman book is almost written completely. I’m sure it needs editing, but most of the hard work is done . . . getting the words down. It may be what I focus on as I do James Patterson’s exercises . . . to help me tighten up the writing and make it better.




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