Day Two as a Writer

As a writer, I also read a lot. Just came across this in a blurb from ECU . . . the person who quoted it didn’t say who made the original quote.

“One of my favorite quotes is, ‘Kids who learn that they can create generally don’t destroy.’ As one learns to appreciate his or her own uniqueness, they learn to respect it in others.”

Well . . . I cannot find who first said that. Perhaps the person who spoke it when I read it in the ECU article? His name is Richard Caudle.

I pride myself on my ability to do research when I’m writing. It bothers me that I can’t find the person who originated this quote. But I won’t dwell on it because the day is beginning to get away from me.

I’ll walk the dog instead. Have you ever noticed that when you do a mindless task, like walking the dog or washing dishes, your creative mind takes over and you either compose something mentally or have an idea for something pop into your head? 


Spent the afternoon in bed not feeling well.

Later last  night I read an article about how to make money from Blogging. It’s in the Writers Market 2016. Then I looked at book publishers who publish the kinds of books I am writing.

I also looked at agents listed in the Writers Market and marked the ones who handle my kinds of books.

I looked at book publishers and was dismayed to see Scholastic only accepts material from agented writers. As a former teacher, I’m familiar with their products and think I have something great they’d want and would make lots of money publishing. I guess I’ll have to find a different publisher or self-publish. I think you can self-publish and then let a book publisher “pick up your book for publication” later? My idea is actually a series of books. I have some of them already written. I may post them on as downloads. That’s the beauty of creativity. You get to decide how you want to use your creations. Here’s that teacherspay teachers link, if anyone else wants to post there:


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