Day 3 and still Counting

Perusing my latest copy of the magazine Poets & Writers, I notice a sidebar about I google it and see it’s another resource for writers.


Watched Lesson 16 in my James Patterson Writing Course. This was on Collaboration and I almost skipped it because who am I going to collaborate with? Then I reminded myself that I have learned something from every James Patterson Course Video I watched, and I decided to see if there’s anything for me to learn here. There was. Maxine Paetro, who is one of James’ collaborators, and who is very helpful with her suggestions and the things she shares that James has told her. I am big on research and I learn that James Patterson says it is crucial to the story. I’m not going to tell everything I learned because other people will learn other things from watching the video.


Went to physical therapy. A Pitbull attacked my little dog on March 11 and when I grabbed the Pitbull to pull him off her, he jumped on me. When he knocked me down, I both broke and dislocated the middle finger of my left hand. I’ve been going once a week for physical therapy and today was my last day of once a week. In a couple weeks, I go back for a recheck. My mother was right; when I wanted to be a physical therapist, she said I was too kind-hearted. She said they hurt people while they helped them. The therapy has been painful, but the results are great! This has nothing to do with writing, except now I know what a Pitbull might do if you try to rescue your dog from his jaws and I know what physical therapy looks like and how much it can help. I also am giving myself a little reprieve from my “why aren’t you writing more” scolding because for a while, I was not able to type. It also hurt to write. I had pain pills for that finger. I also was in the hospital for another reason from March 1 to March 6. I need to be less hard on myself. Sometimes I cannot write or try to market my work.



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