Day Four

Going through the “memories” section of my facebook page, I find a poem I wrote last year this time about my dog. I made sure it’s in my poems folder because I plan to publish a book of my poems this year. I went to Kickstarter to request money to help with publishing it and although my project was fully funded, it was funded by my sons, which warmed my heart, but did not do me the financial good from others that I had hoped for. I’ve been reading about how to finance your writing life and Crowd Sourcing was one of the suggestions.


I watched the video for Lesson 17 in James Patterson’s online writing class. This lesson is titled “Getting Published”.  For most writers, that is the ultimate goal. I like the way he explains how to write a query letter. I like the way he encourages writers to find joy where they find it and to take the time to enjoy all successes. I left a comment on this lesson. I have left few comments because I am usually still thinking about what he said when I get to the comment section and I have nothing to contribute right then.


The asterisks I typed across the bottom of my posts is something I learned from one of the courses I’ve taken in the past. It a way of signaling that it’s the end of that part.


I started another article today. With at least 100, maybe 150, articles already written, I don’t really need to start another one right now. However, it’s an idea that may develop into something saleable. I might as well jot it down.





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