Day Five

Not much done today on my writing life.

I went out this morning and it tired me. I napped this afternoon.

Last night I did look through the Writers Market book and make notes on a couple possible publishers.


Sometimes I wonder if I don’t want success; other times I wonder if I’m just so tired all the time that I work more slowly than other writers. I know a lot of my time is spent thinking about things written and unwritten. I have two books that I’ve been working on over the years. I was thinking last night about a chapter in each of them and how I need to add to or edit those two chapters. They are about similar events. Let me look at those now.

OK . . . the one in the book I’ll call the horse book was last written about in January 2014. I added 40 more words just now and see it needs more work. Details. I have the general info in the scene, but it needs elaboration.


The first section in the blindman book has 1361 words so far. It may be a chapter by itself.

The second chapter has 465 words and is mostly dialogue. I read through it. It needs no revision. It was last written in June, 2015. Ok . . . that chapter is DONE.

Back to first longer chapter . . . Read through it. It may end up being three separate chapters as there are at least three different scenes. I’m more “telling” the action rather than showing it and I need to make it more vivid to the reader. The last time I worked on this was in July 2014. I wrote the original in July 2012. I have been working on this book and the other one for years. They are hard books to write as they are memoirs. I’ve also worked full time and been helping family members. I guess I’m trying to find excuses. At least now, with me keeping track of what I do on my writing endeavors daily, I will do a little more.

Writing is tiring at times. Writing about something you are emotionally involved with may be more tiring. I do want to get these two books finished. The one with the blindman is mostly done. The other one is just as important to me, but I haven’t worked on it as much recently.

Now I am beginning to bore myself. I apologize, if you’ve read this far and are also bored.



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