Day Six?

To write or not to write. That is the question.
Whether tis nobler and more advantageous to take a break
Or better to work six days a week . . .
I am not Shakespeare . . . if only I were . . .


Last night after posting on Day Five here, I wrote a scene for the blindman book. It was a little over 500 words. At that time I didn’t know if I’d “work” today or not. I still don’t know, hence the poem (ha, ha . . . lines would be more like it) above.


2:06 pm . . . no writing work done yet, although I did talk to a Vietnam Vet at Walmart this morning. I actually bought a hat from him. Perhaps I’ll post a picture of me wearing the hat?

Did you know that when you talk to people, you are gathering information for possible characters? It is also a way of doing research. And he was a delightful man. 🙂


I just watched Lesson 18 of James Patterson’s Writing Course. It was about Book Covers and Titles. I have been told that I am good, very good, with titles. I did learn a thing or two about how he designs his covers. I’m not ready to design a cover, but when I am, I hope I remember his suggestions. I like his Along Came A Spider coming from a nursery rhyme. As a former teacher, I could come up with those. Also, once in awhile you’ll have a student who has said something clever that you remember. Then there’s the writer . . . is it Sue Grafton? that does hers in alphabetical order. I don’t share the titles of my two books because I think they are so good that someone might steal them. Or maybe not. Either way, I don’t want to share them.


And I think I said too much in yesterday’s blog here, so I will go delete the part that was “over-sharing”. Taken out of context, it might make me look bad . . . or maybe not. Anyway, I’m going to edit that blog and remove that part.


Tomorrow is Sunday and I won’t be working on my writing. I’ll be back day after tomorrow.


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