Day 7 Unplanned

I have spent the morning reading the March/April issue of Writers Digest magazine. I found it in my room. I berated myself for not reading it when it first arrived. Then I thought back to my three trips to the Emergency Room between February 29 and March 11 and my weeklong stay in the hospital the first week in March. I remembered how I could not type after the March 11 Pitbull attack and even had my middle finger, left hand, in a splint for almost four weeks, and remembered the pain pills I took; even then, I was not able, until March 14, to ride along with my son to pick up my little dog, who was also involved in the Pitbull attack, from the vet. She was ready to come home March 12. I was not able to drive to get her. So I will cut myself some slack, although the issue was so good that I wish I’d read it sooner. I’m not finished with it, but have spent this non-working Sunday delighting in its pages.




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