Week Two, Day Two?

I had written on Week Two, Day One (yesterday), but it looks like it didn’t “save”. Well, damn.

I guess I’ll combine what I’ve done yesterday and today with my writing.

I’ve been reading The Writer’s Digest March/April 2016 issue. I’m reading it page by page and reaffirming some things I know and learning some new things as well.

I watched another James Patterson online lesson. I find that while I wanted to write JUST LIKE JAMES PATTERSON! before I took his course, I no longer want that. I want to write like ME and incorporate some of his ideas.


Poems . . . I want to self-publish a book of poems this year. I found a poem that I wrote last year on this date. It was about a cricket in the carport. I had posted it to my facebook account. I noticed it wasn’t in my poems folder, so I put it there.


Writer’s Digest Magazine has a contest for the best self-published books of the year before. They announced the winners in the issue I am reading. I found it most interesting to see all the different self-publishing companies that are available. I was happy to see the one I plan to use . . . its books won a couple of the awards.


Today I am tired. I only slept four hours last night and I’m not as sharp as I like to be when I write. I notice in WD, it is said that writers should write whether inspired or not. For me, to try to write when I am this tired would be a waste of time. Here, I am getting my thoughts together and not really creating anything new. This is not difficult writing.



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