Week Two, Day Four

I hope this doesn’t turn into a journal. So far today the only writing I’ve done is to make a list of symptoms to mention to the doctor when I see him today.


I am reading a book called FRICTION by Sandra Brown. I just finished a book by James Patterson. I can’t help but notice the difference in the chapter lengths. I also notice, as I read, how much character description is given . . . how scenes are set up. Sometimes when a passage is especially well written, I reread it to see what caused me to like it so much. I “study my craft”, I believe this is called. I write short stories and books and want to know how to make them “work” so that readers will enjoy my writing as much as I enjoy Sandra Brown’s and James Patterson’s.


I am also working on a youtube video series where I show home-schooling parents and any other interested people, how to teach a child to read. I just spent time writing my first speech. I found a couple more materials to use in the first lesson. I plan to get everything ready and make the first video this weekend. I’m a Reading Specialist and have taught many children how to read. I have several ideas for continuing to work in my retirement. Writing is one of them; videos that teach reading is another. I also want to post some items on teacherspayteachers.com  But for today I just wrote  704 words for the first video. I’d post them here, but I’d rather have you tune in and watch the video. I’ll post the link in this blog when I get the video made.




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