Week Two, Day Five

Friday at last? Yesterday was stressful “go to the specialist doctor” day where his nurse (?) what are they called . . . those who collect vials of blood? . . . took 11 (yes, eleven) vials of blood. So far, the tests have looked fairly normal. I may live longer than anticipated . . .


Today is my BINGO day. I go play on Fridays. I’ve won money and I’ve won a prize (a snazzy good-writing pen), and today I hope to win again, although just going somewhere different is enough for me.


I need to put up my backdrop for the video I want to make this weekend. I need to gather all my materials.


If you have at least 3 endeavors you want to pursue and all are not writing, can you count it as working, even if you’re not working on your writing? I think you can.

So Day Five will probably involve more preparation for my video than writing in my books.


While out this morning, I wrote the first stanza of two different poems. That’s a start . . . I won’t share my idea here right now, but I have plans to use these poems in a special way.





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