Week Two, Day Six

Sitting here working on various things. Two ideas I’ve had about hi/lo readers cross my mind and I type them up to go in my hi/lo folder. Once I’m in the folder, I notice plots for 3 stories. I need to work on these.


I put up the backdrop for my video that I want to make. I set up a new youtube channel for it. I’m a reading specialist and want to make some videos to show people how to teach reading.


I mailed the info to a school to sign up to substitute teach next year. I did that a few years ago . . . substitute taught and it was enjoyable.


It’s almost 11 pm. That’s all the things I’m going to do that counts as work today. Tomorrow is Sunday and I want to take Sundays off, so I’ll post again Monday about my writing endeavors. I do have an appointment for a test at the hospital on Monday, but that shouldn’t take all day.






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