Hi Lo Markets

I want to discuss hi lo markets and how I am trying to tap into them.

I also want to discuss research.


Looking in the index of the Writers Market, I do not see anything listed as hi lo market.

Going to google search, I find this:

Hi Interest / Low Reading Level Books (HiLo Books) encourage reading for the reluctant reader. Books are written at lower reading levels, but appeal to the reader’s interest level even though that might not match their grade level.

I already know this. Where are the markets?

Searching farther (further? don’t care which word is correct at this time, keep going) . . . I find a hi lo list of books and am dismayed to see many are about children. Where are the markets for adults who are learning to read? Where is their niche?



Continuing to search, I find books for students in grades 4-12 that are hi lo. Scholastic seems to be a large publisher. Last time I checked, Scholastic only accepts book submissions from agented writers. That’s not me right now.

Every damned thing I find is for teenagers or younger. Is the market THAT wide open or can’t I figure out the right words to type into the search bar? I am too frustrated. I must stop this for now.


When I was in graduate school, a classmate taught adults how to read at a community college. I had her do a survey of them to see what kinds of books they wished were available. I was surprised at the answer, as was she, but these are the types of stories I have written. I must give this more thought.


Ok. I’ve found one publisher and copied the info for submissions to them and put that into my Books I’m Writing Folder.


Ok. I’m over-whelmed by the searching I’ve had to do to just find out what little I’ve found out. I may submit to the company I’ve found, although they insist whatever you send cannot be published anywhere else or submitted elsewhere . . . I am wondering if I can start my own company? It seems when you try to work with others, there are so many stumbling blocks thrown in that it makes you want to give up. I will continue to work on my books while I continue my search. I do wonder how long (length) adult learner books are? Let me look one up on Amazon and see how many pages it is? Maybe I’ll get lucky and be able to look at a page or two in the book.


Found an online publisher, but it looks like I sign away ALL RIGHTS. It seems I need to try the self-publishing route. I did find one book on Amazon called An Angel for Solomon Singer that fits the category. I’ll buy it in hopes that it will lead me to more knowledge of this field. I’ll read it to see vocabulary used, although I am well aware of the vocabulary of new readers, adult or children . . . I want to see how this book is constucted. I will study it to help me improve what I have written. When I study things, I see both things I want to emulate and things I want to change in my own creations.



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