Week Three, Day Two

My time would have been better spent writing yesterday than having that medical test. To start with, they sent a student in to do the test. She didn’t know what she was doing and what she did HURT. I finally asked her WHAT was she DOING???? and she admitted that she was looking for my aorta. After that, it came out that she was actually just a student and the “real technician” would be in later to do a little more of the test. I told her to go GET the real technician. I am not a guinea pig, and when I’m paying big bucks for a doctor ordered test, I expect competence. I didn’t say those words to her, I just said for her to go get the other woman. The student actually tried to get me to not have the test done! She said if it hurt too bad, I could always refuse to have it and leave. Well .. . she better hope they don’t pay her by the test done, instead of a salary (and they average $70,000 a year), if she ever does finish training. The test itself was “unremarkable” and they claimed some organs could not be seen completely. They must have reviewed that student’s pictures is all I can think.

Nonetheless, my time would have been better spent writing those two scenes I was geared up to write yesterday. They never did get written because I was sore and irritable when I got back home.

This has convinced me to cancel the two remaining tests that doctor scheduled for later this month. I also canceled Wednesday’s doctor appointment. I’m DONE with doctors for now.


7:40 am

I think something has happened to my friend who lives down the street. Fire Trucks, Rescue Squad . . . many vehicles came roaring up to his house. Now two police cars have joined them. They’re putting up a blue tarp to cover the porch. This is my new friend who came down to see me after the Pit Bull attack. He said he saw the whole thing, but could not get down here fast enough to help. He’s an older man. He asked me to please start walking my dog again as he missed us walking past his house daily. Later he showed me a picture of his dog Hannah, who had passed away. He used to walk her, and she resembled my little dog. I want to walk down there, but I’d probably be in the way right now.He often sat on his front porch. I think that’s where he is right now.


I did no writing today. My sons say I am upset about my neighbor.

I did a lot of thinking about what I want to write and how to go about finding a publisher for it.

In my defense, I had company most of the day/night. My oldest son came before lunch and stayed until my middle son showed up at dinner time. It is hard to write when someone is here that I want to interact with. Writing can wait.




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