Week Three, Day Four

Good Morning! I’ve been up since 3:30 am. Hopefully I’ll nap later today.

I just wrote a three stanza poem about giving a pill to the dog. I will go back later and edit it. All my poems tell little stories in rhymes. Many are triggered by actual events, or sometimes by my imagining possible events. I just gave my little dog a bite of my turkey sandwich (breakfast, woohoo) and the way she chewed it, looking for a pill, made me know how aware she is that I try to hide her pills in food I know she’ll eat. She is fooled no longer and suspicious of anything good I hand her. Too bad. That turkey was just turkey. She has to eat a “meal” before she gets her pill and she’s turning her nose up at her breakfast this morning. Then she gets a Bravecto, which is the best flea fighting product I’ve found. Her pain pill for her Arthritis will probably follow her lunch, IF she eats it. I feed her when I eat, because if I don’t, she begs, begs, begs me for bites.




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