Week Three, Day Five

Looking through The Writer’s Market last night, I found a poetry chapbook contest. I want to enter some of my poems in the contest. Entry deadline is June 30. Winner is announced September 30. I plan to enter the same poems I want to self-publish this year in a book form. If I win, they will publish the poems; if I don’t, I’ll have them ready to publish by October 1. I want to add pictures for each poem before I publish them myself.


Looking at Ellery Queen Magazine in same Writer’s Market, I see they still buy poetry. I will resubmit the poem I had published in Sleuthhound in the 1990’s. I sent it first to Ellery Queen, who rejected it. It was reworked and sold to Sleuthhound. Perhaps it’s been long enough that it can be republished and might appeal to Ellery Queen mag now?


My poems rhyme. Rhymes are frequently easy for me. I’ve noticed, as have others, that often when I talk, my words end up rhyming. That old saying, “A poet, and I know it”? . . . I’ve heard many times from those I am talking to as they laugh at my rhymes that I don’t even intend to make, but it happens.




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