Week Three, Day Six

An Angel for Solomon Singer (book) arrived today, and I am disappointed. I’d hoped it would be more like the hi/lo stories I have started writing.

It is a large book – more like a children’s book in size than an adult’s. The illustrations (done by Peter Catalanotto) are beautiful. Still, its appearance and thin-ness give me pause.

I try to put myself in others’ places, and if I were an adult, just learning to read, I would prefer an adult looking book with fewer pictures and the size of most paperback books adults tend to read.

It’s written by Cynthia Rylant, who is the 1993 Newberry Medalist for Missing May . . . The Newberry prize is one I’ve learned about in literature classes. It’s prestigious.

Still, it’s not like what I had in mind. It does cause me to consider an idea for a hi/lo book that would look more like what most adults hold and read. Do adults really need all those pictures?

I am learning as I go. I have enough knowledge to have more questions than answers, but now in the twilight of my life, I can give more thought to my own ideas.

This book has decided for me the way my own hi/lo book will be. I’ll work on it for self-publication. I might approach publishers, but wonder if my style would be accepted by them? I’ll plan to self-publish and check with a publisher or two while I work on it.


Teacherspayteachers.com is a website where teachers post teaching ideas/materials, and other teachers buy and download what is posted. I have an account with them. My one stanza poems are hopefully going to be offered on that site by January 2017 . . . maybe by December 2016, as teachers have more time to browse sites during their winter breaks. I need sixteen more one stanza poems written by then. That is do-able.


Finally my Yorkshire’s Tale poem that was published by Sleuthhound was meant to be submitted to Ellery Queen’s magazine today. It was not done. I feel better now, but I did sleep part of this day. Some days I feel better than others.

I could submit it now. Right now, in the evening hours when I am my most tired. I think, instead, I will submit it tomorrow, even though it’s Sunday and I like to take that day off. I’ve rested a lot the last two days of this week . . .  That will be all the writing work I do tomorrow.




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