Week Four, Day Two?

I think that’s the right title . . . I’m not having a good day healthwise.

I did too much yesterday and I ate things I’m not supposed to eat. I was also up until 2:30 with my old dog and she got me up again at 6:41. I’m getting ready to go back to bed. She’ll be sixteen years old in August and her health is going fast, it seems. I gave her a pain pill at 2:30 and she finally went to sleep for awhile. She’s resting well right this minute and I think I need to do the same.


My plans for today are to at least watch some of the James Patterson’s online writing course video. That’s a passive activity. But first I have to lie down for awhile.


Watched Lesson 19 of James Patterson’s Course. It’s about Marketing. I’m going to put the link to this website in the comments section for his lesson 19 to see if anyone comes here to view my blog. Patterson suggests writers need people to pay attention to what they’re doing. I feel like a small kid on the swing going higher and higher and screaming, “Mom, are you WATCHING me?” Let’s see if anyone comments. Someone else put the link to his website in the comments and while I found it interesting when I went there, no one else had commented. Did anyone else go? I also need a website but haven’t started setting that up. My mind is in grasshopper mode and I need to stop until I calm it down.



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