Week Four, Day Three

I spent some time this morning looking at publishers of poetry. I’ve had several poems published and I do enjoy writing them. I just wish poets got paid more for their work.


Short stories about teaching . . . that’s one of my books in progress. I found a poem I wrote about a boy who threw spitballs across the room. I think I’ll include that in my book. When you work in public schools, you’d be surprised at the things you see and hear. I’ve worked for several different school systems as well as Head Start, so I’m hoping no one will recognize anyone when I write my stories. I will not use any real names and I won’t say which school the event happened at. I have a few pictures of students and if their parents will sign a release form, I will include some of them.


I did a quick search to see if Createspace at Amazon.com is still available for book publishing. That’s the self-publishing place I intend to use. It is still available as of today.


I’ve found six possible markets in the Writers Market. Tomorrow I want to explore some of those.


I watched Lesson 20 on James Patterson’s Writing Course. This one is about when Hollywood uses your book to make a movie. I don’t think I’ll get that far, but you never know and James Patterson makes everything interesting.



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