Week Four, Day Five

Time is flying this summer. June is half over. Instead of writing this morning, I gallavanted with some friends.


Here, let me watch James Patterson’s next video lesson so I won’t have wasted all my time, although having fun and feeling happy surely is valuable.

In Lesson 21 Mr. Patterson talks about his background and some of his experiences becoming a writer. I found it interesting that both of us had attended Catholic School.


Nelson Literary Agency is a site I saved for some reason. I found it in my Horse Book files. Reading over what they seek, it doesn’t sound like what I write. I’ll put the link here in case anyone else could use their help getting published. I don’t know them; it’s just a link I saved for some reason in time gone by. I did a lot of dabbling when I was also working fulltime. My time was so scattered when it came to writing that I’d make little notes to msyelf in different manuscript folders. She would not want to see my Horse Book. I have no idea why I saved this link:



Driving to meet friends this morning, a scene for my Horse book popped into my mind. I thought I’d write it when I got back home, but now it eludes me. I’ll quit trying to remember it and when I least expect it, it’ll pop back into my head.


It was the sprained ankle chapter. There’s so much more than that in it, but it was the events that led to and followed the afternoon I sprained my ankle. I see I have 1,167 words already wrtten in that chapter. I need to get a binder like I did for my Blindman book and print out what is already written so I can see it as a book and know what is left to write. When I save things in a folder online, things save in alphabetical order, not chronological order, and I sometimes write out of sequence anyway. For my Blind man book, I have printed out the chapters already written and as I put them in the binder, I put them in chronological order.


Wrote 224 more words on another chapter in the horse book. That makes a total of 701 words in that chapter.



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