Week Four, Day Six

Not sure I’ll get much writing done today.


Posted a blog on my Proud of Every Wrinkle blog.


I check my email and there is an email from Anomaly Literary Journal requesting poetry submission.

I never submit to any magazine without first checking out an issue. No need to waste either of our time.

I find the link for the magazine and am happy that there is an online issue to scan. The poetry is nothing like I write. My poems all rhyme and tell little stories. They would not be interested in anything I have or will have.

I read through a very sad story about a young boy who dies. Another story I read talks about a gun and someone trying to shoot someone else.

I just wrote in my Proud of Every Wrinkle blog about too much sadness for me in this world.

I can read no more of this magazine issue. It’s not because the contents are not well written; they are. I just cannot read anything else sad today.

I may come back and look over the fiction content later. I don’t really think my stories would suit the editor, but I am flattered to have received the email. Let me post the link to the magazine for my readers. You may have something they’d like, and they are asking for submissions.





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