Week Five, Day Two

Tuesday. There was no writing yesterday, Monday, Day One of Week Five. I was at the beach with my two oldest children. I had a wonderful time. I hadn’t been to the beach in five years and I was past due. It was a beautiful day. We found a new restaurant with excellent seafood. The sun was shining and the breeze was nice as I sat on a towel on the sand.


Today I talked with my middle child/son and he expressed again his desire to write a blog. I hope he starts one here on WordPress. I encouraged him to do so.


Hi/Lo books are on my mind. I discussed them with my son today and got a few extra ideas.


“No Child Left Behind” means no child goes forward. The Academically Gifted programs are few and far between now. While we pay for 8 adults to be in a “special ed” class containing 8 children, we let our academically gifted children languish in classes with the children who cannot be left behind. We basically tell our best and brightest to “stand still while others catch up”.


Angry with my doctor and her nurse today. I wrote about it in my blog “Proud of Every Wrinkle”, so I won’t go into detail here. I do wonder why young folks think they know more than their elders and why they talk over us in such a rude way.


My cat, Hunter, is meowing. I cannot write if she’s going to do that. Let me go see what she wants.


Hunter wanted fresh food.


Re-watched Lesson One of James Patterson’s Online Writing Course. Since the course was interrupted for me by first a one week hospital stay and then – less than a week later, a Pitbull attack, followed by several weeks of not being able to type with my left hand because of the Pitbull damage, I feel my disjointed view of Patterson’s course was not as good as it could be, so I’m watching the videos again. He has a lot of knowledge in his course and I feel I probably missed some of it.


Ordered a copy of 2 AM Magazine that had printed my copy of Slumberlost (poem) in 1988. My personal copy was damaged and I’m excited about finding this one.


I found a hardback copy of a book that is selling on Amazon for $25 . . . cheapest copy listed. I listed mine for $22. I found the book at the Dollar Tree. Sometimes I get lucky when I’m in the Dollar Tree and buy a book that is selling for more than $1 online. I buy books that appeal to me or that I think will appeal to one of my sons. If it’s not selling for more than $1 online, I either read it or give it to one of my sons or to a friend. It’s a gamble, but once in awhile, it pays off.





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