Week Five, Day Three

I just wrote 555 words on my blindman book.


I recently subscribed to The Atlantic Monthly Magazine. In looking at the latest issue, I notice poetry is included. The poem I just read is nothing like what I write. I went to the Writers Market and read about submission requirements. They do not want beginning writers. I am definitely not a beginner as far as poetry goes. I’ve had a few articles published . . . but more poems than articles have been published. So I will file The Atlantic Monthly in the back of my mind and if I write a poem that would be suitable, I’ll submit it to them. It says to do online submissions. I also might send an article, but need to think hard about which one, if any one.


VOICE – I’ve been told my writing has “voice”. Voice is about what it sounds like. Just like when you answer the phone and hear someone’s voice, you know who it is (sometimes) before they even tell you. I can read James Patterson and Jonathan Kellerman and even if their names weren’t on the book, I’d know who wrote it. The last book Kellerman wrote, did not have his “voice” and I and some others, whose opinions I read, wondered if he even wrote it. I am mentioning this because as I read the Atlantic Monthly Magazine today, I noticed the voices of the authors, and I believe I can fit in with how they write.


I contacted Measurement Inc. about the on-line Reader position I had applied for. They have their quota of employees for this “season” and if I get the rest of the paperwork in, they’ll consider me for “next season”. Not sure I even want to do that and it’s probably why I didn’t get all the paperwork in this time. It would be a job . . . not a career, but a job.




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