Week Five, Day Five

My poor old car just had a conniption and I am sitting here waiting for the mechanic to come tow it. Will I get much work done today? It’s already almost noon, and I’m a morning person.


The mailman just passed by. He left my copy of 2 AM, Fall 1988 issue. My poem “Slumberlost” is on page 39. I was glad to get it, but it gives me the creeps! No wonder the horror mag bought it! I would like to try to resell it. I do still have the copyright to it.


Last page of The Atlantic Monthly . . . page 112 . . . July/August 2016 issue . . . asks for response to the question for the October issue . . . “What concept most needs a word in the English Language”? I would like to send a response to that and maybe get my response printed in the October issue . . . I need to think about something good to say . . . something clever? something appropriate . . .


Ok. I submitted my idea to The Atlantic Monthly for the question above. I also made a folder called Submissions so I could keep track of what I have submitted to various places. I sent in a poem to another magazine this month. I am beginning to meet my goal of finding markets for what I’ve written or what I write.


I worked on my short story “The Slip”. It needed a little editing, but is ready for submission. Now I need to look through markets and try to find one that might buy it. I see I wrote that story in 2010. I edited it in 2015. I just did a little more editing (2016). I’m surprised that it’s ready to go. I remembered the story and actually went to it thinking I could make it a hi/lo book/story. The words in it are too advanced for a beginning reader and since it’s finished, I don’t want to change it that much. It needs to find a home. Tomorrow I will search for a maket for it.




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