Week Six, Day Three

Looking at my poems for the chapbook contest, I think I will choose the ones that tell the best stories. Which ones might universally appeal to the most people?


I found another chapbook contest. It’s deadline is October.


Just put the envelope of 18 poems, biography, table of contents and cover letter with SASE in mailbox to Anabiosis Press Chapbook Contest. I haven’t physically mailed off submissions in awhile.


Still waiting on word about my car. The mechanic called my old cell phone Friday. That phone doesn’t work any more. I’d taped my new number to the car dash, just in case he didn’t have it, but I guess no one noticed? Anyway, I’ve called him so much yesterday that I hate to call again. I did call him earlier today too. He says every time I call that they are “working on my car”. That’s scary when you know mechanics charge by the hour. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. I hope I get my car back today. The mechanic said it should be ready today, but he might not have anyone to come get me. He’s about a mile away and I don’t know if I can walk that far or not. He said we’d work it out.


Yay! Mechanic called me just before lunch to let me know my car was ready and he was sending a man to pick me up!


I have done all the writing work I’m doing today. I did discover some haiku poems while I was searching through my poems. It seems I found a contest for haiku poems and was writing some . . . I will look through the Writers Market tomorrow to see if I can find where I am tosubmit them.




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