Week Seven, Day Two

Day One was July 4th and I had company and didn’t write.

I did read someone else’s poem. I did read someone else’s blog entries.


Today is not a good day for me. I have no idea if I’ll get anything done.


Being murdered is no reason to forgive student loan, New Jersey agency says



Looking at teacherspayteachers.com, I see some good ideas and also consider some possible other ideas I have. I really need to make posting my products at that website before summer ends a priority.


My priority this week is making my first video for my ReadingwithMsCorbett youtube channel. My “hold-up” has been lowercase magnetic letters.

Ok. I just ordered some lowercase letters. I know I have some around here . . . somewhere, but where? Tired of looking for them and tired of putting off making this video.I hope to get it made this week. At the very least, as soon as these letters arrive, I’ll make it. I’ve written the first “speech” to go with what I want to record. I got my hair cut less than a week ago. I have my background. I need to decide what to wear. I need to get this started. I’m an excellent reading teacher and there are home-schooling parents (and maybe others) who would like to know how to teach a child to read. I’ll post the link here when the video is done and up on youtube.


I began to feel better around 4:00 pm today.


I looked through my Poets and Writers Magazine and saw various retreats and residencies. I think I would prefer to go rent a room or house at the beach and write there, if I go anywhere to “write”.


The article I posted the link for above about murder not being a good reason to cancel student loan debt made a writing idea start dancing in my head. It’s there for future perusal. Eventually the best and brightest America has will migrate to different countries because of the student loan debt situation. Being murdered should cancel your debt.




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