Week Seven, Day Five

Got a reply from my son who was looking over my stanzas and knows a thing or two about poetry . . . “they look fine”. That is NO help. I know they look fine. I want them to look fantastic. I would post them here and ask for comments, but I don’t want to “give my ideas away”. So I’ll keep working on them and see if I can find anyone else who might have more constructive criticism. Besides, once something is posted, it’s published and I hope to sell some of this stuff I’m writing.


It’s been hot, hot, hot here today. The South is not as much about the heat as the humidity, but at 8:00 pm, our heat index was still 102 and a severe thunderstorm warning came. Lights began to flicker, so I turned off this computer. Got tired of waiting for the promised storm and I’ve turned it back on again.


It’s too hot to think, and yes, I have AC. I went out today . . . I went to visit some friends this morning, then I went by the vet’s for my old dog’s pain pills. Yes, she needs a blood draw this month. Yes, I’ll bring her in . . . He’s really an excellent vet. And I’m the one who asked about the blood draw. Someone mentioned it on the phone yesterday when I called about the refill . . . “She’s due for a blood test soon.” So I asked when while I was there. Then I went to Lowes Foods for a few things. I won a little money on my lottery ticket from Wednesday, so I picked that up and bought another ticket for tomorrow’s drawing. I had a job offer from Las Vegas several years ago. My sons were still young and they had a fit! about moving that far across the country. There’s 3 of them and one of me and I was already exhausted most of the time . . . I turned it down. If I lived there, I’d probably bet all the time. I don’t know though. I used to think if I lived at the beach, I’d go all the time and while I was in Wilmington NC, I didn’t go as much as I expected to.


I have done absolutely nothing today to further my writing career. I need to do something. Let me see if I can write another stanza.

OK, another stanza written. Four lines. I am too tired to write. Too hot to care. Now it’s down to 84 degrees at 9:30 pm. I’m done for the day.



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