Do You Ever?

Do you ever refuse to think about or take action on certain things you know you should stop and take care of? I do.

Today I need to make phone calls and check on things done or not done that need doing by others. The morning has gone by and it’s almost lunch time. I spent awhile paying bills, which I hate to do. One day you have money in your bank account; the next you watch it dwindle down to where you realize where the phrase “paycheck to paycheck” comes from.

I am old enough to have realized that some things not done end up not needing to be done and that time can be better used for other endeavors.

I’m tired. I didn’t sleep well. I’m of little use to myself or anyone else when I’m this tired.

My largest problem right now is whether to eat before or after I nap. It’s not quite noon, but I’m getting a headache from forcing myself to stay awake.

The afternoon promises to be filled with heat – it’s a July incinerator type day and I won’t venture out unless my little dog insists she must GO!

Do you ever think you have frittered away the whole day and accomplished nothing? If you do, think back until you remember at least one thing you’ve accomplished and to hell with the ones you didn’t get to. “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today” was surely a selfish quote made by someone waiting for something.

Well, wait on, my fine friends. I’m taking a nap. If I don’t get something done today, and it’s THAT important, Do it yourself.


2 thoughts on “Do You Ever?

  1. I always say “don’t put off till tomorrow what you can put off indefinitely.”

    I have plenty to show for my life — many achievements and successes — and yet I feel all of my years have been wasted. These “achievements and successes” just don’t carry the weight I thought they would when I pursued them.

    It sucks.

    • Your words carry more weight than you know. I visited your blog and you are an excellent writer. I will go there again to read more and to reread some of what I just read. We don’t always know the effect that we have on others. You got the achievements and successes because you didn’t waste your years.

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