Week Eight, Day Four

Wrote one more stanza on my 20 stanzas project. That’s 11 down and 9 (or more) to go. I wanted them all to be fantastic! Memorable! I fear I may have to settle for adequate for some. I’ll come back and edit all of them and hope they improve. My daughter calls them “fine”. I told her I wanted them “fantastic!”. She said she couldn’t do that, when I asked for help and suggestions. I fear neither can I. But we don’t know what we can do, until we try, so I will let my work get “cold” and then return to it with a fresh viewpoint. They are fine as they are, and they will be published. Let’s just hope they can be tweaked to fantastic.


“Too Many Irons In The Fire” . . . does that statement “date me”, or is it still used?

Well . . . it appears to be talking about blacksmiths . . . my grandmother explained it using irons like are used to press clothing . . . back in the day, women heated their irons with heat, not electricity. But in looking this up on google, I find it refers to blacksmith irons.



I have a grasshopper type mind. I cannot focus on one thing for too long at a time. My oldest child once told me that talking to me was a challenge as I change subjects without notice and he’d think we were talking about one thing when suddenly I’d be off and running (mentally) on another. I don’t understand the problem. I feel as if all has been said that can be said and I talk about something else that is bouncing around my head. Aren’t other people like that?

I once marveled at my mother who could sit and type while transcribing her shorthand notes while at the same time talking to me about something totally different. Now as I’ve aged, I find that I can think about 2 things at the same time. I have a lot of ideas in my head. I have a short attention span. There is only so many times that I can swing at a dead horse while attempting to beat him to death. Where did that phrase come from? 




So perhaps that was an example of my kind of thinking; perhaps not. All I know is that I have at least 3 books in progress (with two more shaping up) and poems and stanzas and short stories, articles, blogs . . . many “irons in the fire” and I go from one to another and will (and have) finish up a project while still working on others. So while congratulating myself on the eleventh stanza written today – fine, but not fantastic! – I am also thinking about the video that still waits to be posted on my youtube channel. Hell, it still waits to be made. Tomorrow is my social day and I go out with friends . . . Saturday may be the video making day, Sunday is usually a visit with Jordan, and Monday may end up being the final recording. Then I need Anthony to help me edit and to teach me how to upload, download, load – whatever it’s called, the video, making sure it’s monetized and that it’s on the right youtube channel. Two done and I’ll be able to do it myself. I’d like a lesson or two in editing as well.






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