Week Eight, Day Three

Shopping with my youngest son this morning. Back at home, cleaning up my bedroom. I did find the speech for Video Two, but I must do Video One first. Thinking about what I’ve read lately about Colonel Sanders . . . something he said about all he could do was cook . . . well, I’ve done many different jobs in my life, but teaching and writing are the two I had a passion for.


Devoted (wasted?) an hour today trying to reason with a company I think I’m going to have to hire a lawyer to reason with . . . I stopped after an hour because I will not fritter away my whole day on someone without the capacity to understand statements and promises. Rather than pay them, I’ll pay a lawyer and if the judge says pay them, I will, but if he doesn’t, I’ll stick my tongue out at them and see if it’s as much fun as sticking it out at the dog was . . . the dog who for some reason was offended and growled when I did it . . . Who said I cannot suffer fools? What was that statement?

“Suffer fools gladly is a well-known phrase in contemporary use, first coined by Saint Paul in his second letter to the people of Corinth (chapter 11). The full verse of the original source of the idiom, 2 Corinthians 11:19 (KJV), reads ‘For ye suffer fools gladly, seeing ye yourselves are wise.'”

Suffer fools gladly – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



not suffer fools gladly Definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary


Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

not suffer fools gladly definition, meaning, what is not suffer fools gladly: to have very little patience with people who you think are stupid or have stupid ideas.

Biblical passage . . . ok . . . I went to church/Sunday School for 7 years in a row as a child without missing a Sunday . . . I should remember some Biblical quotes.
I love research. If something sounds familiar, I like to check and see where in the world I heard it. I’ve done many jobs in my lifetime. It makes writing and knowing the character’s point of view easier.
Jobs I’ve held:
cashier, telephone operator, secretary to Magistrate (what is now called Justice of the Peace, but I think I reversed that and it was Justice of the Peace then). . . Order Entry Clerk, Proofreader/Student helper at News Bureau, Teacher, Writer, Sales Associate, Substitute Teacher, Reader/Test Scorer, Construction Worker, Portfolio Grader, Secretary for Board of Education, Sales person for Avon, Child Care Giver . . . there are more, but really, who cares?
I need some adults who are learning to read to read some of my stories and see if they like them, or how they view them . . . What I’m thinking is short stories might be best for beginning adult readers.
785 Words Written on the short story I outlined a few days ago. It’s a rough draft, but it’s done. That’s either a third or a half of the story. Probably a third. I put it in the word count tool since I wrote it in wordpad. Readability Level is 7th-8th grade. (That’s also provided by the word count tool site.) It seems that’s the level I mostly write in. I’ll file it in the short story folder I have and try to finish it before the month is over.

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