Week Nine, Day Three

The stress of the past six days is gone since I reached someone who could and would discuss my disability status yesterday. There was no reason for the woman I tried to get answers from for six days not to give them to me. I don’t understand people like her, who know what you’re asking, but enjoy not telling you the answers. Maybe if I create a character with the traits she’s displayed over the last six days, I can have a story villian.


I feel I need to organize and prioritize my “irons in the fire”. (First I listed them; then I numbered them.)

4. TPT (Teachers Pay Teachers), 1. Youtube Teaching Channel, 7.  Two Main Books, 1 of which is mostly done and needs editing) . . . 2. Book of Poems . 5. There’s the Public School Project; 9. The hi/lo project; 8. Short Stories to proofread and submit; 10. Articles to proofread and submit; 6. Poems to proofread and submit. 3. Stanzas to finish and submit.

Which is most important to me? Let me go back and number them in what is most likely the quickest way to finish each and which ones need finishing first.


Let’s make a list:

  1. Youtube Teaching Channel (Get first video done before this month is over. It’s the 20th of the month.)
  2. Book of Poems (want finished and published by November)
  3. Stanzas (want finished and sent by end of November/First of December)
  4. TPT (January Deadline)
  5. Public School Project (Begin to organize what is already done; edit)
  6. Poems for Magazines (Search for markets and submit)
  7. Two Main Books (Focus on Blindman One and get it finished by February)
  8. Short Stories (Search for markets and submit)
  9. The hi/lo project (Continue to research and write; Finish by December 2017)
  10. Articles (Can you tell nonfiction is my least liked project, but the one most often bought and published?) – OK, Find one article in folder and finish and submit it by December

Now my grasshopper mind can hop in a more logical straight line and begin to finish some of these projects. When I worked fulltime and wrote as I could, the grasshopper method was more acceptable. If I’m going to truly make writing my next career, I need to organize my work and thoughts better.

I’m so proud of myself. All this has been done before breakfast. My mind is most clear when I first get up.


Now I’ve copied that list to a page and increased the font. I will print it out and post it by my computer to help myself stay on track. (Done!)


(The above writing is 431 words and written on 9th/10th grade level.)




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