Week Nine, Day Five

Recalling the words of Donald Trump’s daughter last night . . . you’re going to think anyway – you might as well think big. I think we, as writers, should do this. You can’t go where you don’t try to go. Aim high.


Trump’s final song from his convention “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” . . . stuck in my head this morning . . . no, but I sure as hell can try. And by trying, I may just get what I need.


Off to BINGO. Everyone wins something today. I’ve won a dynamite (figure of speech) pen and last week I won a neck wrap thing that you heat in the microwave and then put on your neck and it DOES help with aches and pains. I’ve had a pain in my neck for several weeks. Doctor said to put a heating pad on it. This works as well, if not better. Let’s see what I win today.


I just submitted the poem again that I submitted in June. The editor had emailed that they were not reading yet, but to re-submit it in July. This poem, Slumberlost, has already been published one time, but it was in 1988 in another horror magazine. That’s been over 27 years ago. I will post what I hear about it.  PRIORITY #6 on my To Do List was submit poems to magazines.




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