Week Nine, Day Seven

Sunday – my usual don’t work day . . . yesterday was Code Orange Air Quality and Heat Index . . . same is predicted for today. I’ve been up since 7:00 am. Went to the grocery store before it got really hot . . . stopped at Burger King for a quick breakfast and remembered why I don’t ever go there any more. Place was dirty and food was not good, but it’s close to the grocery store and I had forgotten the last time I went and how disappointed I was. Well, they won’t see me again until I forget again.


I shared my “To Do List” idea with my son at Burget King – he went with me. I don’t lift the large packages of water any more, and he does. But I told him about my “To Do List” for my writing plans, and he wasn’t as impressed as I’d hoped he’d be.

I also mentioned I had to get the video made THIS WEEK for my Youtube channel. He just smiled. I’ve talked about it before, but he doesn’t understand . . . now I have it typed up and stuck to my wall by my desk so every time I sit down, it nudges me . . . PRIORITY NUMBER ONE! is get the first video done and posted by July 31, which is a week from today. He will help me edit the video, so he needs to know the schedule. I repeated my spiel about the “To Do List” and he still was unimpressed. There’s something about seeing that list that propels me to accomplish something on it daily. More than one thing is even better.


Looking at Priority Two . . . Book of Poems . . . Many of them are about pets I’ve had who are no longer living . . . I hoped to have a picture with each poem. My scanner is not working . . . what I could do is take a picture of a picture and download that to my computer and it would be on here. I have some poems that were made up, like Slumberlost and The Yorkshire Terrier’s Tale . . . I need to figure out how to get a picture for each of those. I may be able to draw something, or I might be able to have someone else draw a picture for me. I want this book finished and published by Createspace in November . . . I don’t know if anyone will want a book of poems for Christmas, but if they do, I’d like mine to be available for purchase. All my poems tell a little story. All rhyme and have rhythm. I remember when I was teaching poetry to fifth graders and they all groaned . . . it was less than ten years ago . . . I asked if they liked rap? They did. I explained that rap is poetry . . . Songs are poems put to music. I’ve read poems I don’t appreciate either, but I still like poetry. How would you know what was really good, if you hadn’t experienced what was bad? Maybe that’s faulty thinking . . .


I had planned to include only my poems about pets or animals. I don’t have enough of those to make a book. I will have to include other poems as I did in my chapbook contest entry a few weeks ago. That would be a good place to start. Go through that list of poems and find pictures or sketches to go with each one. PRIORITY TWO worked on today. Sometimes work is writing; sometimes it’s drawing; sometimes it’s just thinking and planning it all out.



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