Week Nine, Day Six

Air Quality  Code Orange and Heat Index of 106 today . . . dog still had to go out a few times. It all “got to me” and I did almost nothing all day. Can’t even think in these conditions. I don’t usually work on Sunday, but if I can, I’ll try to make up for today tomorrow. Weatherman says heat index will be up to 106 again tomorrow afternoon. Maybe the air quality will be better? It’s been code orange for two days, at least.


I have given PRIORITY #7 project – Main book – Blindman – some thought today. I have printed out much of the manuscript. I want to go through and print out the rest. I’ve put the printed pages in a binder and want to go through and read it like a book and make notes, etc. to improve it. Looks like the deadline for finishing this book is February. Glad I made my list and deadlines the other day.


I’ve also given thought to the Youtube Teaching Video – It’s Priority One. I want to remember to include explaining “wait time” when teachers are working with children. Often adults are too quick to “rush in” and rescue a child who is trying to figure out a word. You have to wait longer than feels comfortable for you sometimes. I want to explain how long, exactly, to wait. My videos are for home-schooling parents, or any parent who wants to teach a child to read. I won’t block teachers from it, but most teachers have their own ideas. Perhaps a few could pick up some tips. I’m highly trained in teaching reading and over the years have told a few colleagues about methods they hadn’t heard of. I miss teaching and perhaps these videos will help fill that void. Deadline for first posted video is July 31, which is a week from tomorrow.


Public School Project . . . Priority Five . . . I need to print out what I have and see what more I can do on this.


I printed out my prioritzed “To Do” list and taped it to the wall by my desk. It helps having it there to glance at as I decide what to work on.


I went out and watered my plants and made sure there was fresh water in the birdbath. I haven’t seen or heard many birds today. Maybe they slept in all day? It’s been hot and uncomfortable outside.



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