Birds – Week Ten, Day Four

I took the dog out this morning and sat down in my lawn chair to wait while she did her business. The air feels a little less humid than it did. They still predict high heat indices today. I noticed movement in the bush close to my carport and turned to see what it was. It was the sweetest little bird hopping around from branch to branch. I hadn’t seen any birds in a few days and feared they all had been cooked by the extreme heat we’ve had. I heard one yesterday, but it was not a song it sang, but a terrible, painful sounding, screeching sound. I could not locate it, but it was in the general area of the bush.

This morning as I sat there, several other birds began to move around in the bush. I could see the movements of the branches before the birds themselves appeared. Some of them sang their songs. I was glad to see them. I’d put fresh water in my birdbath to be sure they had access to some water every hot day. I feed them in the winter; supply water in the summer. But this summer has been brutally hot. Yesterday’s heat index here was 113 at 3:00 pm.

The birds give me hope. If they are appearing, the heat must be about to abate. I hope so. Good God in heaven, I hope so.


Camera is mounted on the tripod. Short test video made. I will make a complete first video today and look at it so I can see what needs improving. Then hopefully I’ll make the real video tomorrow. My son said he’ll help me edit it and then we can download (upload?) it to youtube. My goal on my To Do List was to get first video done before this month is over. I want to meet that goal and get it on youtube as quickly as possible. I’ll post the link to it here, when it’s done. I may have to change my profile photo on here. That photo was taken in 2005 . . . that makes it 11 years old and I have changed some. Or I may keep using it, as it’s my favorite photo of myself and who really cares?





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