Week Ten, Friday, Day Five

Another stanza written. Now there are 13 for that project. Priority Three – needs to be finished by end of November. I want at least 20 stanzas.


First video attempted. I’m not sure the camera was recording. I hope it was. It was exhausting. I did not have all my props ready. The background (part of it) fell down during the presentation. This was my first attempt, so it is like a rough draft. When my son comes by, since it’s his camera, I’ll have him help me check to see if it recorded and how bad it looked. I went off script. I had a speech all typed up to use like a teleprompter. I got involved in what I was doing and although I went over everything I’d planned to cover, I did not read my script. We’ll see how that looks. I’m ready to abandon this project as it was much more difficult than anticipated. But I don’t usually give up after the first rry, so I’ll watch what I hope I recorded and see if I want to try again.  I did print out a few things from the internet. I saved that website link and wonder how to show that on a video. I would think you could type over the video, but I’m not that sophisticated with video making. I’m disappointed. Writing is easier than making that video was.


The camera was not recording. It recorded until I sat down and started. My son says maybe the batteries need changing? That was a LOT of work for nothing. I wanted to practice to see how I looked and I went through the whole long presentation and now I have nothing to show for it. I am very discouraged. He says if it’s practice, why be so upset? Because I have to do it ALL over again to see if I even want to do it and it’s a LOT of work. I certainly worked hard when I taught.


Family Medical Supply Company has been pretending like they are going to get a CPAP machine for me since last October (2015). It has taken me ten months, but I’ve realized that they are liars. Every time I talk to them they need more doctor notes. I went and got them doctor notes June 30. Guess what they said yesterday (July 28) that they need in order to order my machine . . . just guess . . . ding, ding, ding!!!! you’re right. MORE DOCTOR NOTES. I don’t know how they stay in business. They certainly don’t want to do their jobs. They are on my “Sue these bastards” list if I die before I get the machine I need.


 Just wrote an email to Family Medical Supply Company’s head office. Maybe they can wake their employees up and get them to do their job. The level of work ethics I find in companies today in America is outrageous. It doesn’t help that many employees I complain to say they are not paid enough to do a good job. When employees had that attitude when I was young, they got FIRED. That’s ok. One made a huge mistake in MY favor yesterday. Did I correct her? No. I’ve complained to that company at least four times about their lackadaisical employees. I was only in that place because the heat index was 110 and I needed a few items, and they are close by. I think if I’ve told the management four times that their employees give shoddy service and they do nothing about it . . . well, what more can I do?


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