Week Ten, Day Seven

Practicing with my son’s fancy, smancy camera . . . I’m having more technical problems than anything else. (Trying to shoot a “Reading Video”).

I decide to shoot the video in sections and then my son, who is a video expert, can put the whole thing together and we’ll post it on my youtube channel about Reading.

Yesterday I shot the whole first video and when we tried to play it back, there was nothing. Absolutely nothing besides the very beginning, that recorded. He says he’ll hold the camera and record me, but that will make me nervous.

This morning, after more instructions on how to use his old camera, I tried recording the first five minutes. It worked once, but then when I added the next five minutes . . . nothing.

So I took out my little digital camera and set it on the tripod after removing his camera. I “shot” the first three minutes of my presentation. It recorded what I was doing. I’m going to use my camera instead of his. I’m getting too frustrated trying to use the camera he gave me.


I saw on facebook that there is an inspiring book titled A Street Cat Named Bob. I want to get a copy.



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