Week Ten, Day Six 2016

I just spent a little time editing the 13 stanzas I have written. I put in punctuation and changed a word here and there. I moved a word or two to the next line in a couple of the stanzas. (Priority Three due end of November)


Thirteen stanzas written on a poem just now. It reminds me of my poem, “Laments of an Old Cat”, which was published in both Cats Magazine and The Morris Report Magazine. The rhyme and rhythm are similar. This poem tells a little story as well. I’m having trouble ending it. It’s about the birds who have made nests in the roof of a former meth house in the neighborhood. You just never know what your neighbors are really doing, do you?


I’m going to make a website. I may hire a professional to design it. I want to have some items for sale. I just added a product to the list of items that I want to sell to my website plans.


I’m in the Nanowrimo group on facebook. I saw where someone ordered 5,000 bookmarks and is using them to advertise books . .  .that’s an idea I want to remember.


Cleaning up, I found a paper bag with some of the supplies I had put aside for my video. Yay! I thought I’d have to order another “Spot” book. Eric Hill wrote books about a little dog named Spot. I love his books for getting children involved in the reading process. When I was in grad school, I actually did a powerpoint on him. I also used his books to do a project showing literary elements. The professor said she didn’t know if I could find enough evidence in his books. I watched other classmates announce the award winning authors they were going to use. I stuck with Eric Hill. Actually my power point on him showed how his books could be used for various lesson plan objectives. I should also write that up for the place I’m sending Priority Three writing to. I will pencil that in as #11 on my To Do List. I’ve seen that cd around here somewhere. I made 75 slides for my Eric Hill presentation. I had 15 minutes to present it and would lose points if I went over. Did I ever mention I talk fast when I’m nervous? I made it! ha, ha. That was a fun powerpoint to present. I doubt anyone would want a copy of the powerpoint, although we each shared copies of our powerpoints in that class, and the knowledge on each one was very valuable.. I learned so much from the course. Each of us read several children’s books weekly and then we’d report on what we’d read and it caused all of us to have a vast, vast knowledge of children’s literature by the time the class ended. It was taught by Dr. Schlichting. She was an awesome professor, and I learned a lot from her. She teaches at UNCW in NC.



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