August 2, Tuesday

I realized when I was going over needed supplies in my practice video that I forgot they would need access to the internet. There is a youtube video I use to help teach letters and sounds, and it would be good to use, if you’re a home-schooling parent who is teaching reading. I want to include that link and another link to two print outs in my video. My son said if I say “Here it is”, he can take a picture of the link address and put it in the video I make. I wonder if having a link to where you can buy lowercase magnetic letters would help?


I have now practiced the whole video I want to post on youtube. Of course, when I tried to play it back, the camera showed my battery as dangerously low and so I’m charging the battery. I’ll watch my video and make notes of any improvements I want to make before Thursday.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to have my hair cut and on Thursday, I’ll make my first video. I hope my son can help me edit it and we can have it posted by the weekend. I will post the link to it in this blog.


My oldest came by to visit this afternoon. He talked about the poem he helped me finish. He said I had the ending at the beginning and all he did was change that. Well, I have put his changes and the original poem side by side and that’s not all he did, and it’s better now, so on that poem, in my book of poems I plan to publish this fall, I will include his name in the byline. I would publish my poems in this blog, but then they would have been published and I like to sell what I write. Editors are particular about buying first rights.


One of my son’s friends published (self-published) a book recently and is sellng it for $20 as a paperback. It’s a children’s book. The kindle edition costs $3. I hope I can find the guidebooks I bought about publishing on Createspace. I bought two of them. One was about the nuts and bolts of publishing on Createspace, and the other was about content. I’ll check my bookcases and hopefully find them soon. Otherwise, they were so helpful that I’ll need to buy them again. I mentioned the cost of my son’s friend’s book because I had planned to price mine low. My hope is to get my writing into as many hands as possible in this first endeavor.


I want pictures to go with each poem in my poetry book. I’m still thinking about that. The poem about my dog and the Dr. Seuss hat . . . I have a picture of me holding her the day she inspired that poem, so I can use that picture for that poem. I had considered getting an artist to help me, and I may still need to, but first. I want to see what I can do on my own.



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