August 3, Wednesday

I got a haircut in anticipation of making my final recorded first video tomorrow. I’m not happy with the way my hair looks; I think she did a better job last time. Still, I’m not getting any younger, so I’ll try to get the whole video made tomorrow.


My new CPAP machine arrived today. I haven’t used one in months. I got a terrible lung infection (doctor thought it was either lung cancer or blood clots in my lungs, but it turned out to be a very stubborn infection), and I quit using my  CPAP machine and then was afraid it was germy and didn’t ever use it again. I’ve been trying to get one from a local dealer here and it’s been 10 months and I still don’t have one. I don’t know if the woman who pretends to work there is incompetent or just didn’t want to help me. She kept sending me back to the doctor for more doctor notes. She had one excuse after another (I had insurance) and so one day a couple weeks ago, the CPAP place I ordered my supplies from emailed me that they were having a sale on their machines. I actually called the woman and she said the price they were quoting me on a new machine was less than what her used ones sold for. So I finally ordered one this week directly from the CPAP place – yesterday, actually. They ship over-night for free and it showed up this afternoon. I managed to put it together myself and hope to sleep better tonight than I have in awhile. Maybe that will help the video look better?


A friend asked to see the poem about the Meth House Birds. I really didn’t want to share it until it’s sold, but I did send her the first stanza. Here that much is for you to read, if you’d like. It’s several stanzas long, but here are the first four lines:

The birds have made nests
In the meth house next door.
They squawk and they holler
Like never before.

When I get this first reading video made and posted, I will turn my attention to the book of poems I want to publish on Createspace this fall. I got some of them sorted for the chapbook contest I entered a couple months ago. That winner should be announced in September.

I had planned to have only poems about pets/animals in the poetry book, but when I went through my poems, I found others I wanted to include, so it’ll be a mixture.

I’m still trying to decide on the price. I want to be read more than I want to be paid, but I do want to put some sort of price tag on the book. I wonder how much someone would pay for a book of my poems? I used to get $25 each from The Morris Report Magazine for my poems, but I don’t know if there is a large market for a book of poems and if so, $25 seems high to me. If anyone is reading this and has a suggestion, would you tell me how much you’d pay for a book of rhyming poems that tell little stories? Thanks in advance.



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