August 5, Friday

My youngest son spent this morning editing my video. He thinks, for the first one, this will be ok. He saw that I look “scalped” in some of the frames as it was too low to get the top of my head in it . . . but I really don’t want to do it over and for the most part, it shows the materials and the methods I was trying to share just as it is.

Now he wants the website addresses that I am including in the video so people can find the materials I used, if they want to.

He said it’s about 15 minutes long, which is about how long I wanted it to be.

I’m already planning the second video, so if someone wants to do more in one day, they can do two videos at the time, although if the child is very young, I wouldn’t. Children can only absorb so much information at a time, and I go over four different activities in the first video.

I’m keeping notes and I may write this up as a book, as well, although for me, watching someone do something on a video is more easy to understand than reading it in a book.

I hope to post the link to the video on this website within a week. I haven’t seen the edited version and might as well wait until he includes the website addresses before I watch it.

This is my son, who has lived in Asia for five years. While he was there, he was on some of their TV programs. He gave me some tips on how to improve my next video, but he agrees, this one is done and let’s move on.



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