Reminder to Self re/Ads

It’s Sunday . . . I don’t usually blog on Sunday, but I had this idea I want to be sure I make a note of . . .

If my Reading Video Series is aimed at homeschooling parents, who might want a little guidance teaching reading, are there advertisements in home-schooling magazines? If so, I want to buy an ad to direct them to my Reading Videos.

I have looked at Home-Schooling magazines in the past. I home-schooled my youngest son when he was in 8th grade. I scrambled to find materials and curriculum to cover what he should learn that year. I would have appreciated an 8th grade teacher who could have steered me right to it. However, in looking at the magazines and looking in the Writers Market, the magazines said they didn’t want articles from teachers telling how to teach. I think what they were seeking were articles about other home-schooling parents. I really can’t remember clearly. That was a long time ago. I haven’t looked lately. I need to check those mags out.

Anyway, I also can’t remember if there were ads in those magazines. If so, I want to buy one, once my videos are up and available.

My son has said for youtube, if someone hasn’t accessed your site in the last two weeks, it won’t bring it up in their “feed”. He thinks I should make more than one video each week, but it is not easy making them. I want them done well, so I am going to take my time and make one per week.

I have plans for Monday and Tuesday of the upcoming week. I’ve already outlined my second video, so I’ll do a practice one on Wednesday and after looking at it for what needs improvement, I’ll do the real one on Thursday. The first one needs to be uploaded by Wednesday. My son has it now and says he has a couple more edits to do . . . if he doesn’t upload it by Wed., I will.



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