I want a website. I’d planned to hire a professional to design it. I just saw an ad on facebook about WordPress websites. Premium. I want to check out that possibility.

I have all these ideas and I work on each one, bouncing from one to the other. All can be linked to a website and I think I will try to make one. If I can’t do it, I can still hire a professional.


Second Video has had trial run done. It lasted 5 minutes. The first video was a long 15 minutes, and some of the comments I got were to make the first one into 3 short ones. Well, let’s see if anyone is watching before I do all that.

I have the third one outlined.

I procrastinated on making this second one because my editor is not available until after Sunday night.

My oldest son is coming by tomorrow, I think.

Tuesday will be when I make the next video and then I will nag, nag, nag my editor to edit it faster than last time. (My editor is my youngest son.)


I saw that specialist doctor last Friday – day before yesterday. Basically there is nothing she can do for my condition and she explained why. She also encouraged me to get that test done that I canceled. Uh . . . I don’t know how much longer I’ll be on this earth, but I’m tired of spending time with doctors. The test she wants me to have takes two days to prepare for, and then there’s the day of the test and I will be put to sleep. That’s a risk right there with my lungs . . . The funny thing is I was nagged since April to get in and see that specialist and while I did like her (I don’t like most doctors), she can’t do anything to help me, so what was the big deal about going to see her??? Sometimes things don’t make sense to me and aren’t logical.


She did check my severe neck pain that I’ve had. I told my regular doctor in June and she said to use a heating pad on it. She didn’t get up from her laptop to check it. She just said to use a heating pad. So I did until the heat index got up to 106 here for several days in a row and then I was hot enough that I couldn’t stand the thought of a heating pad on my neck. But this specialist didn’t once touch a computer. She talked to me and examined me. She says I have an ear infection and called in ear drops. Neither drugstore will have the ear drops until Monday. It doesn’t matter. they cost over $300 and that’s a lot of money in my world. The specialist did say to use Peroxide in my ear until I got the drops. One drugstore said they would call the doctor Monday to see if a cheaper ear drop would work. The Peroxide has helped a lot with the neck pain. Isn’t that something? Something in someone’s ear can cause neck pain? It was so bad that I wouldn’t park where I’d have to back out because it hurt to turn my neck. The specialist said if it wasn’t better by the time I saw the regular doctor next month to tell her to do a neck x-ray. She said she was putting it in her notes. They share notes. On the computer.




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