Writing When Under The Weather

I haven’t felt well in awhile. The specialist I saw over a week ago told me to put down the thing that was bothering me most. I put down the neck pain I’ve had since at least June. When I saw my primary care physician in June, she told me to use a heating pad on it. She didn’t get up from her laptop to examine me, but said to just use a heating pad.

So there I was in the “specialist’s” office and she thought I’d been referred for one problem, and I thought I’d been referred for another and I finally told her what was really needing attention was the pain in my neck. I’d had it for over two months.

So she got up . . . yes, by God! the specialist actually got up and felt of my neck. Then she looked in my ear. Then she told me I had something in my ear and she was going to prescribe ear drops. Hallaleuah! (I bet I spelled that wrong. I don’t care.)

She said to use Peroxide drops in it a few times daily until I could get those ear drops. She was going to call the prescription in that afternoon.

The next morning I called the pharmacy to see if they had my prescription ready. No. They had to special order those ear drops and they would not be in until day after tomorrow. Oh, and did I know that since my insurance had expired (better it, than me!) that the ear drops would cost $356? No. I did not know that. I called another drugstore that said they could get the drops cheaper, but they’d have to special order them too. They were sure theirs would cost less. When they texted me, theirs cost more. They still are telling me they’re ready for pickup, but they’re not offering to lower the price.

So I called the specialist’s office and I emailed my regular doctor. One of them called in a lower priced ear drop prescription. It was only $189. I got back on the phone and on the computer and let them all know that was STILL too high!!!

Today I got an email from the drugstore telling me my prescription was ready. I also got an email from my doctor saying she had called in an oral antibiotic and it was lower in price than the ear drops. It was and I could afford it, so I went and picked it up. I think I feel better, but not great.

I wanted to make my second video and I just haven’t felt well enough. I did the practice one. Maybe tomorrow, if I feel better I’ll make it.

I did send a letter to a magazine editor about an article in the magazine that I wanted to comment on. I gave my sixteen year old dog a birthday party yesterday. So I’ve done a few things. When I sit down to write, all I can think about is how bad my ear hurts and wonder if I’ll lose my hearing and will I care, if I do, because most noise aggravates me.

But mostly for the last ten days, I’ve sat here dropping Peroxide in my ear and wishing it and my neck would stop hurting. My neck did get better, but it still hurt. My ear makes me think Van Gogh may have had a reason for loping his ear off. I just don’t have anyone to mail mine to.


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