Writing a Book While I’m Making Videos

I’m making a series of videos to help anyone, who wants to teach a child how to read, know how to do it.

I have a Masters Degree in Language and Literacy. I spent two of the best years of my life in Wilmington NC going to UNCW as a graduate student in education. My focus was Language and Literacy, and I learned a lot about teaching Reading.

I also was trained in Reading Recovery when I worked in Durham County in NC and many, many of those techniques I have used over the years to teach hundreds of children how to read.

Most of my teaching career was spent with Pre-K, Kindergarten, or First Grade students. These are grades where Reading is taught.

I’m using the training and education I’ve had, as well as the experiences I’ve had teaching children to read, to explain my methods.

When I taught at Headstart in Wilmington one year, I taught one of my four year old students how to read. I was still taking one course at UNCW and in it I was to tutor a child for a certain amount of hours. This little girl came in early every day and I spent time teaching her to read. I have always wondered how she did in kindergarten and later years because not many children start public school knowing how to read – or the children I’ve worked with didn’t.

I’ve made two teaching videos so far. I write out what I want to teach and what I plan to say. Eventually I have just a sentence for each section and I “wing it”, but often include words that I had also written as I planned out my videos.

I’m going to edit these writings and put them in a book and sell it as a handbook on teaching Reading. It will not be any one program, but what  worked best for me, and every idea I had myself, as I taught Reading.

So I’m accomplishing two things as I work on my videos. One of them is writing a book. If my son gets my second video edited, I’ll post the link to it here. It’s about vowels mostly, but includes some other activities to help a child who is just learning to read (home schooling parents might find my videos useful). Some people like to watch how others do things to learn how to do them; some people just want a written manual. I’m working on both.

My youtube channel is called “ReadingbyMsCorbett” and so far I have one video posted. I hope to get the second one posted this weekend.



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