It’s Not Me

Have you ever noticed how you can wake up in a great mood and the dredges of the day pull you down until you wish you’d never gotten out of bed? That happens to me frequently.

I am thinking the cause of ALL my problems are interacting with other people. I seriously think that if I could avoid the human race, I would be a happy person.

In just the last 24 hours, I found out that my doctor is disliked by more of her patients than I realized, and that the ones posting reviews have had similar interactions with her.

Then for the umpteenth time, the substitute teacher office of the county where I reside called to say they STILL don’t have a copy of my second reference form. One person has sent hers twice; one sent hers once because I MAILED IT myself for her. Yet, they claim they only have one reference form received for me. (I gave forms to three people in case there was a problem.) I feel like I need to drive the person down there and have them hand deliver the form to the woman who says she can’t find them.

I’ve noticed in recent years, and posted about it before, that the level of incompetence among employees now is astounding. With so many people out of jobs, you’d think places could hire someone who can and will do the job.

So . . . I was going along this morning in a relatively good mood and checked my voice mail. My ears have something wrong with them. It physically hurts me to listen on the phone and now I’ve spent 20 minutes with pain in my ear as I tried to fix this woman’s incompetence.

I’m trying to find a year-round campground and then I’ll buy a tent and hopefully won’t have to be bothered with the human race any more. I doubt that will work, but it will be cheap and if I make myself look bad enough, no one will approach me and maybe I can avoid the rest of the human race and stay in a good mood.

Great . . . now the landline is ringing. Well, ring away. I’ll be damned if I’m talking on another phone today. My ear hurts.



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