Second Video Finally Uploaded

My second teaching video appears to be finally uploaded. I’ll post the link here if it’s really there when I check (and get my editor to help me) later.

The first time I uploaded the video on youtube, it was over 16 minutes long and I had to verify my account. Youtube said once my account was verified, it would be available without another upload. Youtube lied.

I went through the video and found a whole section and had my editor delete that part. That brought my video down to 14 minutes and some odd seconds.

I think I will aim for 5 minute videos in the future. These videos are tips by me on how to teach a child to read. They are aimed at home-schooling parents, but certainly anyone wanting to teach a child to read or help a child read better might watch them.

The first two videos contained explicit instructions for doing a reading lesson with a child. Now I think I will make the videos more about other techniques to use when a child is learning, or struggling to read. Every child is different and the lessons can be tailor made by the instructor.

This second video is on vowels – introducing them and working on capital I. The third video will be about how to make a book that your child can read at the end of the lesson.

I put new curtains in the dining room and I think I’ll move my camera out there to record the next lesson.

First I want to be sure this one is up and ready to view. If it is, I’ll post the link here on my next post.



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