Sharing My Youtube Videos

I’ve been designing lessons to show home-schooling parents how to teach Reading. I’ve made three videos so far on my youtube channel, readingbymscorbett.

Yesterday I shared my latest (third) video with a friend who is also a teacher. He asked if he might share my videos with his ESL parents? Yes! Yes! Yes!

He did advise me to put just one teaching stategy into each video. That’s an idea I too had had. My first two videos covered four activities because I was trying to show how to construct a thirty minute Reading Lesson.

Now, I think I can make the videos just about one activity and parents can pick and choose which activity best suits and helps their child.

This has been a learning experience for me. My youngest son, Anthony, has edited my first three videos. He showed me earlier this week how to edit them myself, and I’ll try to do the next one.

I want the videos to be five minutes in length. The last one was ten minutes. The two before it were fourteen minutes.

My fourth video will be on high frequency words and hopefully I can narrow down what I tell and show to both cover the subject, but not belabor it.

For a link to my youtube channel, go here:

Reading by Ms. Corbett


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