I Write

I write to get words out of my head. It’s either a sickness or a muse, but words tumble in my head uninvited and if I ignore them, they begin to repeat themselves and if I don’t sit down and put them on paper, they speed up and drive me crazy until I do.

I had the most perfect children’s ABC rhyming book tumbling around in my head one morning when I was getting ready for work. I was running late (what else is new?) and decided to let it repeat itself until I got to work and then I’d jot it down. It was a long book, A to Z.

I kept it in my head, repeating, the whole way to work, which was about eleven miles away.

As I entered the building and was headed to my classroom and a piece of paper, or maybe a computer screen . . . someone intersected me (is that the right word?) and asked a question. When I stopped to answer, some of the letters and their rhymes disappeared from my head and I’ve never regained them.

The book began like this:

A is for alligator that lives in the deep

B is for bees that the beekeeper keeps (is beekeeper one word or two?)

C is for . . . well, I see I can only now remember two of the lines. It could have been a beautiful book with lovely illustrations.

Perhaps one day it will reappear. It’s been over a year, so who knows?

If you encounter me and I tell you “I’m Writing!”, please know something has entered my head and I’m trying to hold onto it until I can write it down.





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