Video Four and Five “in the works”

I’ve written about how words tumble into my head and repeat themselves until I stop and write them down.

This morning those words involved my Videos that I am working on.

I’m a Reading Specialist and have taught many children how to read. I know some ideas that might not be known by regular classroom teachers because I have a graduate degree in Reading and also have been trained in Reading Recovery. Along the way I tried some ideas of my own and found that they worked well.

I’m incorporating all the strategies that worked for me to show homeschooling parents, or anyone else who wants to know, some ways to teach a child to read.

I’ve made three videos already and they can be viewed at ReadingbymsCorbett on youtube.

Here’s the link: ReadingbyMsCorbett

I did a beginning lesson. I did a lesson on vowels. I’ve done a shorter lesson on Environmental Print.

My next lesson is on high frequency or sight words. This morning the exact words I want to say came tumbling into my head right after I woke up and while I was considering going back to sleep for awhile.

I got up and wrote them down. Now Video four is written and all I need to do is make the visual aids and record the video. Then I have to edit it myself. My editor has flown the coop.

I expect to have it up by next Friday, October 7.

Then I will start working on Video Five. What I want to do with it also popped in my head. It will be on Initial Consonant Substitution. It’s a fun activity, but I need to do Lesson Four first.

I hope people will watch my videos and I hope they help.



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